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Hand Caning

Hand Caning

This is the traditional hole-to-hole method of caning the seats and backs of chairs.  Pricing is determined by counting each hole in the frame of the chair.  As a general rule, hand-caned chairs cannot be converted to use pressed cane or visa versa.  



Pressed Caning

An easier to install alternative to hand caning.  This method of caning uses machine-woven sheets of caning material that are pressed in place using spline.  As a general rule, hand-caned chairs cannot be converted to use pressed cane or visa versa.  



Traditionally woven using natural rush, this method of weaving is distinguished by its use of a round, paper or natural rush material and the distinctive triangular shapes it creates. 


Danish Cord

Most often found on modern Scandinavian furniture, this method of weaving uses a 3 ply rope-like material and L-shaped nails.


Specialty Projects

The vast majority of chairs will fall under the categories above.  However, I have experience with other, less common techniques, materials, and patterns as well.  I've completed various binding cane weaves (Herringbone, Checkerboard) as well as the "Daisy-and-Button," "Daisy," and "Spider Weave" caning patterns. Let's discuss what you have!



No two chairs I have ever worked on have been the same.  On occasion, I have encountered situations where more time and repairs than normal are required (such as hidden damage or shortcuts taken by previous weavers).  For this reason, I have found it best to quote projects after I have seen them.  

For a free quote, simply send me a photo of your project via text or email (with number of holes or dimensions if possible!).   

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